User Guide for Construction Reporting Application

A tech startup launched its new web application to help construction professionals simplify their reporting. They needed a user guide. Since many of their customers were more familiar with pen and paper reporting, we structured the guide with “quick wins” at the start, helping customers create a simple report in just a few clicks. We built up to more complex tasks as users gained confidence and began to see the app’s potential to help their business. After publishing the guide, my client saw an immediate reduction in help requests and received positive feedback from customers who began to rely on the app to streamline their work.

Knowledge Article Template and Style Guide

I collaborated with a support team to unify and organize their existing knowledge content, making it easier for customers to find in a search. As a part of this project, I created a knowledge article template with style notes in Freshdesk. This gave technical support staff a built-in reference for making their contributions consistent in brand, format, and tone.

Fact Sheet and Guide for Farmer’s Market Volunteers

I created this guide to help volunteers process supplemental nutrition benefits at a local farmers market. The market had an outstanding volunteer who trained others on the rules and steps for processing benefits. But when the all-star volunteer was unavailable, the team was unprepared. Creating a simple guide helped maintain continuity and efficiency, and provided a better experience for customers.

Genesys Softphone System Reference

As call center agents transitioned from a desk phone to a new cloud phone system, I mined existing documentation, performed a task analysis, and collaborated with system SMEs and instructional designers to create this reference. It helped agents answer thousands of calls on the rollout without missing a beat.

Script for Hazardous Waste Instructional Video

With input from a subject matter expert, I wrote this video script for a learning module about hazardous waste, which helped a local college meet EPA compliance requirements. The video was incorporated into a larger activity and presented to an audience of 5th-grade students.

Room Reference for Using a TruTouch Monitor and Remote

Visiting presenters struggled to use smart room equipment and the need for documentation became clear. Observation and analysis of common tasks showed the pain points; this guide was part of the solution. The help desk saw an 80% reduction in support calls for this room after this documentation was introduced, and presenters could feel more confident.